About Mauritius

Mauritius is known all over the world as a tropical paradise with blue lagoon and scenic route. The star and key of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is well positioned geographically and is very famous for honeymooners, family-wise concept holidays, conference event, wedding and is also targeting the medical tourism hub. Compared to other destination, Mauritius is a safe and secure place to be visited, with a very attractive landscape, eco-tourism, which our partners in the tourism sector are delivering daily to their distinguish guest. We are a multicultural society of about 1.3 million inhabitants thus we have a very rich and diverse culture mixed together. Someone landing here can experience different types of dishes such as Chinese, Indian, Italian, American, European and many other local foods. As far as connectivity is concerned we are link with different international airline and we are receiving daily two flights from the famous A380 Emirates from Dubai. The weather condition here is very pleasant as we have only two seasons; summer (January-June, October-December) and winter (June-September).