About Us

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The Association has been registered with the Registration of Association on 25th January 2015.

The Association is strictly link with the Tourism Industry and is  in direct relation with the tourist visiting the island and all the stakeholders which has a relation whether directly or indirectly with the Tourism sector.

Our affiliated members are represented as follows:

  1. Tour Operators /Destination Management Company (DMC)
  2. Travel Agenecies (IATA)/(NON IATA)
  3. Hotels & Lodges
  4. Sea Activites
  5. Land Activites
  6. Career Opportunities
  7. Medical & Cultural Tourism
  8. Transfer & Tour Services
  9. Car Rental
  10. Restaurant and Others

Our Affiliated members are grouped together in order to create a high level network in the Association.

To join an association is fundamental for the support of a business growing strategy and as far as the

Tourism Sector is concerned, everybody is working subcontracting with others in order to safeguard

their position and highlight their services.

The role and advantages of the TPA is to give a full support to our members who are affiliated with us such as:

  • SME facilities will be automatically accessible to companies which are eligible.
  • Statistical Arrival Data will be sent monthly to all members.
  • Any Tourism Events which will be organized in Mauritius and on the International level will be displayed to all the members of  the association.
  • Providing facilities to companies as they can participate in International fairs with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) and thus creating more visibility to their business.
  • TPA will assist and help members for any issue in the Tourism Sector.
  • Creating new concept such as Medical/Cultural Tourism, Events, Adventure and also giving access to exclusive attractions such as catamaran, wellness clinic, zip line, etc…
  • Any seminar or conference which will be organized by the Tourism Authority(T/A) and the MTPA will be displayed to all our members.
  • The association is regularly organizing events such as Clean Mauritius, Open Health Day(Free Medical Check-up and Blood Donation) and many others.
  • Members of the association will feel safe and secure as they are fully regrouped in the Tourism Sector through the TPA and they will not feel idle-wise.
  • Any recommendation or suggestion is most welcome in the Association and any member has the right to argue, consider,propose,discuss and participate in any function of the Association.



Our representation and commitment is linked directly with the Ministry of Tourism ,Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) and Tourism Authority.The  government policies is to create more visibility and bring more visitors to Mauritius Island.We are targeting   visitors from the world to come to Mauritius Island for a Holiday,Honeymooners & also family concept wise holidays.By the way we are promoting through the association Medical Tourism Hub,Wedding celebration,Events & Conference organization and as Mauritius is a multi cultural society so also our aim is to promote Cultural Tourism


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